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Focus on Freeze Grease III barrier board

4 Juli 2023

Our cartonboard forms an excellent basis for many types of packaging. Take our barrier board, grease- and moisture-resistant for a certain period of time, great for making snack tray.

FOLBB GC2 Barrier board
Our GC2 barrier board is a high-quality alternative to using plastic packaging. Our GC2 Freeze Grease III board grades are dispersion coated cartonboards, containing no fluorine and no PFAS is used during production at our plants. Our Freeze Grease III grades hold back grease and moisture for a certain time and is tested according to the DIN 53116 standard. This allows, for example, snack trays to be made from our folding boxboard.

Now available
Within FOLBB, we have 2 cartonboard product lines that are grease- and moisture-resistant in accordance with the Freeze Grease III guideline. Our Accurate Freeze Grease III, is available from 215 to 400 grams and our Excellent Top Freeze Grease III, available from 250 to 375 grams. Ask through your printer or converter about the possibilities and delivery time. We generally deliver within 4 weeks after order to our customers.

Both grades are naturally recyclable and Compostable and can be recycled into paper- or cardboard waste streams according to local recycling systems.

Contact us to see what solutions we can offer for your specific situation. That is why we say ‘virgin fiber cartonboard, made personal’

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