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First electric truck drives for Folding Boxboard Eerbeek (NL)

10 mei 2023

Schotpoort Logistics’ very first electric shuttle truck, which drives between Folding Boxboard Eerbeek (FBE) and Schotpoort Logistics’ site at Kollergang in Eerbeek (NL), was commissioned at the beginning of April. It has been agreed within the province of Gelderland’s Eerbeek Loenen 2030 programme, among other things, that the shuttle transport of factories in Eerbeek (NL) and Loenen (NL) will no longer be done by fossil-fuel trucks in the future. Schotpoort Logistics has now purchased the very first so-called E-truck. And this is a huge step forward for Eerbeek’s local residents because you can hardly hear this truck and it has no emissions. Behind this truck is our new trailer from our factory in Eerbeek, with the new company logo and the message that our folding carton is a sustainable alternative to the use of plastic in packaging. For more information, watch the video at out YouTube channel .YouTube video E-Truck mill Eerbeek


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