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FOLBB Cartonboard nominated for the Pro Carton Awards 2023

4 september 2023

Of course, we at FOLBB are very proud that the packaging of one of our loyal customers Posson Packaging, has been nominated this year within the European Carton Excellence Award category. In this case, it is a special packaging for Kevas Rhum Arrangé

The packaging developed by Posson Packaging for their client KEVAS is four independent boxes, each containing a glass bottle of rum. The four parts are hinged together using a fifth panel to form a cube. The design piques curiosity about the product, but also challenges one to keep the product in the box. The latter aspect is in certainly a major reason for the nomination, besides aesthetic design aspect. The choice was made to make this packaging from our Excellent Top Strong 325gsm cardboard, especially because of the high rigidity of our folding boxboard.

Naturally, Antoine Dubé Directeur Marketing, Innovation et Commerce at Posson Packaging was proud of this nomination for their developed packaging and he praised the cooperation between the various parties, both the client, designers as well as the functional thinking of FOLBB as supplier. The latter is the reason why we at FOLBB say ‘Cartonboard made personal’.

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