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We are FOLBB, the leading manufacturer of virgin fiber cartonboard. A high-end packaging material unmatched in terms of quality and sustainability, manufactured with passion and technical craftmanship at our plants in Eerbeek (NL) and Baiersbronn (GER). Our customers use it to design and produce a wide variety of packaging, particularly for the food and pharmaceutical industries. We maintain personal, often long-term relationships with those customers. We share our knowledge based on years of experience and have the continuous drive to be an innovative leader. We like to make a difference for our customers; with speed, flexibility and attention to their specific needs. We always go that extra mile.

Our customers are medium-sized and smaller packaging designers and manufacturers (converters) based in Europe. They deliberately choose FOLBB because, based on their requirements, we offer the assurance they want: absolute top quality, the very highest product and food safety and sustainability.


The most sustainable material by far

Because of the plastic substitution in the packaging industry, there is an increasing demand for alternative packaging materials. We are offering the best solution: virgin fiber cartonboard. It is by far the most sustainable packaging material available. The main raw material used is wood sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe. It is the only perpetually renewable material. Moreover, wood is the best material in terms of reuse and recycling. We also take our responsibility with respect to our own business processes. We are gradually reducing our energy, water and material consumption and thus our CO2 emissions as part of the journey towards a more sustainable future.

Personal relationships, speed and flexibility

There is one quality that makes us stand out even more: our personal way of working with our customers. To us, they are passionate, like-minded peers. We know our customer’s business and the business of our customer’s customers. We have an in-depth understanding of their needs and interests. And we anticipate those needs by offering speed, flexibility and security of supply. The strong, long-term relationships with our customers are the result of the personal service we provide.