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Our Mission

FOLBB develops and produces virgin fiber cartonboard at the most sustainable and efficient way possible, minimizing our impact on our immediate environment. Our virgin fiber cartonboard makes a substantial contribution to the reduction of plastics used for consumer packaging


Our Why

The world is moving towards the reduction of plastic use in all packaging. We must leave our world well to the generations that will succeed us. We are convinced that our folding carton is a more than worthy alternative applications in packaging that still contains plastic today.

We work day in, day out to make strides in this, innovating constantly. That drives us to improve every day, day by day.

By using our cardboard, an important contribution is made to the substitution of plastic packaging/plastic waste in the sense of the measures adopted by the EU, “The Single Use Plastic (SUP) Directive 2019”.

sustainable cartonboard

Our Vision

The sustainable virgin fiber cartonboard producer most committed to its customers in Europe


Our How

We make a difference for our customers through our commitment, dedication and passion for delivering a sustainable product that contributes to high-quality more sustainable consumer packaging made of cartonboard in Europe.





We subscribe to all 17 goals endorsed by the United Nations, but for FOLBB we have defined the 4 SDG goals most relevant for us. Check here Sustainabillity – FOLBB