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Highest quality wood pulp to achieve excellent surface.

For our virgin fiber cartonboard, we use exclusively high-quality wood pulp from strictly controlled production and thereby guarantee consistently high quality. Thanks to excellent surface properties and highest product safety characteristics, our virgin fiber cartonboard is the first choice for sophisticated packaging.

Cardboard packaging has become an indispensable component in the distribution of goods worldwide. It is the ecological substitute or alternative for packaging made of plastic and synthetic materials.

The FOLBB Group, the Eerbeek and Baiersbronn mills produces high-quality folding boxboard for packaging in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The board is also used in the fastfood and food service sectors. Thus, by using our cardboard in the above-mentioned areas, an important contribution is made to the substitution of plastic packaging/plastic waste in the sense of the measures adopted by the EU, “The Single Use Plastic (SUP) Directive 2019”.

Virgin fiber cartonboard essentially consists of various wood fibers. The raw material wood used in production comes from sustainably managed forests in the regions around the mills. The cartonboard is recyclable after usage and has multiple recycling cycles.

Recycling increases the life cycle of the wood used. When the end of recycling approaches after multiple uses, the cardboard is one of the materials that can be burned sparingly in waste incineration plants, without the addition of oil and gas. Some of the produced cardboard in our quality also opens up the possibility of compostability.

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