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FOLBB Virgin Fiber Cartonboard Made personal

FOLBB is a leading European producer of virgin fiber folding boxboard and is located in the heart of Europe, right in the middle of its customers with production sites in Eerbeek (NL) and Baiersbronn (GER).

Flexible and driven We are FOLBB

We are FOLBB, the leading manufacturer of virgin fiber cartonboard. A high-end packaging material unmatched in terms of quality and sustainability, manufactured with passion and technical craftmanship at our plants in Eerbeek (NL) and Baiersbronn (GER). Our customers use it to design and produce a wide variety of packaging, particularly for the food and pharmaceutical industries. We maintain personal, often long-term relationships with those customers. We share our knowledge based on years of experience and have the continuous drive to be an innovative leader. We like to make a difference for our customers; with speed, flexibility and attention to their specific needs. We always go that extra mile.

Our story Made personal for you

Developing, producing and supplying high-quality virgin fiber cartonboard is in our DNA. Day in, day out at both our mills. Our folding boxboard forms the basis for many types of packaging and is a sustainable alternative to plastic. In our story, we explain how we make a beautiful and sustainable product from the ground up.

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Our categories

Thanks to our many years of experience in the various markets, we know very well what is going on in our markets. Not only at our customers, but especially by our customers’ customers. This knowledge is incorporated into our products, which are suitable for many different applications.

Latest news

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Sustainable contribution

Our folding boxboard contributes to the substitution of plastic packaging/plastic waste

High-quality folding boxboard for packaging

High-quality folding boxboard for packaging in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Both GC1 and GC2

Our cardboard is recyclable

Our cardboard is compostable and recyclable after usage and has multiple recycling cycles.

Come and join us Our vacancies

Driven professionals who stands and go for the quality of our product, the safety of people and processes and highly personalised customer service. Informal, connected and flexible, many of our employees have already been working for our company for years. We also offer our employees room for education and training and strengthen each other's knowledge and capabilities. In this way, we offer people opportunities for a pleasant and healthy work-life balance.

Baiersbronn , Germany

  • Flexibel and customer driven
  • Located in the middle of the black forrest
  • FSC® C170805
  • PEFC/04-31-3649
  • Since 1937
More information about Baiersbronn
Locatie Eerbeek

Eerbeek , The Netherlands

  • Flexibel and customer driven
  • Close to ports and forrests
  • FSC® C170805
  • PEFC/04-31-3649
  • Since 1661
More information about Eerbeek

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