FOLBB is a leading European producer of virgin fiber cartonboard.

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Our Products

Highest quality wood pulp to achieve excellent surface.

For our virgin fibre cartonboard, we use exclusively high-quality wood pulp from strictly controlled production and thereby guarantee consistently high quality. Thanks to excellent surface properties and highest product safety characteristics, our virgin fibre cartonboard is the first choice for sophisticated packaging.


Optimus Top

Optimus Top (PH 0.3)



Accurate Freeze

Accurate Freeze Grease III

Accurate (PH 0.3)

Accurate Vegan

Accurate Freeze Vegan

Accurate Top

Accurate Top Freeze

Accurate Top Vegan

Accurate Top Freeze Vegan

Accurate Top (PH 0.3)

Accurate Top Natural

Accurate Top Natural Freeze

Accurate Top Natural Vegan

Accurate Top Natural Freeze Vegan

Accurate Top Strong

Accurate Top Strong Freeze

Accurate Top Strong (PH 0.3)

Accurate Top Strong SEN <1

Accurate Top Strong Freeze SEN <1

Accurate Top Strong Freeze Vegan

Accurate Top Strong Vegan

Excellent Top

Excellent Top (PH 0.3)

Excellent Top Freeze

Excellent Top Freeze AH

Excellent Top Freeze AH Ferrero

Excellent Top Freeze Grease III

Excellent Top Pure

Excellent Top Pure Freeze

Excellent Top Strong

Excellent Top Strong (PH 0.3)

Excellent Top Strong Freeze

Excellent Top Strong 1D

Excellent Top Strong Digi


FOLBB is an European cartonboard producer with a focus on virgin fibre cartonboard.

FOLBB comprises of the two companies Folding Boxboard Eerbeek B.V. in the Netherlands and Baiersbronn Frischfaser Karton GmbH in Germany

Operating in the heart of our sales area we are able to deliver swiftly and guarantee flexible service as required by our customers.

Our company has been awarded with the TÜV quality certificate:

Sustainability in production and products has become a major issue in the economy.

Cardboard packaging has become an indispensable component in the distribution of goods worldwide. it is the ecological substitute or alternative for packaging made of plastic and synthetic materials.

The FOLBB Group, the Eerbeek and Baiersbronn virgin fibre carton plants produce high-quality folding boxboard for packaging in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The board is also used in the fast food and food service sectors. Thus, by using our cardboard in the above-mentioned areas, an important contribution is made to the substitution of plastic packaging/plastic waste in the sense of the measures adopted by the EU, “The Single Use Plastic (SUP) Directive 2019”.

Virgin fibre cartonboard essentially consists of various wood fibres. The raw material wood used in production comes from sustainably managed forests in the regions around the mills. The cardboard is recyclable after usage and has multiple recycling cycles.

Recycling increases the life cycle of the wood used. When the end of recycling approaches after multiple uses, the cardboard is one of the materials that can be burned sparingly in waste incineration plants, without the addition of oil and gas. Some of the produced cardboard in our quality also opens up the possibility of compostability.

In line with the principle of using resources responsibly and using raw materials sustainably, our FOLBB plants are certified according to the international certification systems for legal and sustainable forestry FSC and PEFC.
In cartonboard production, the latest technological methods and scientific findings are always applied to improve cartonboard properties in order to meet the high expectations of customers in terms of quality and product safety. In development, the questions of reducing the consumption of the raw materials used and the energy and water consumption necessary for production are also at the centre of the comprehensive considerations.

Eerbeek, Netherlands


Baiersbronn, Germany



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