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Folding Boxboard, also referred to as FBB or by the DIN Standard 19303 codes of GC, is virgin fiber cartonboard made up of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp. GC cartonboard is made up of mechanical pulp in between two layers of chemical pulp. The top layer is of bleached chemical pulp with an optional pigment coating.


No PFAS is used and fluorine free


GC has two variants, these being GC1and GC2. At our plants in Baiersbronn and Eerbeek, we produce GC2 cartonboard and GC1 cartonboard is made only in Baiersbronn. Naturally, our GC cartons are made with the well-known FOLBB passion and commitment

  • GC1 is a virgin fiber folding boxboard white back high bulk material with great printing surface and coated reverse to allow printing on both sides. Used in the packaging of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and retail packaging.
  • GC2 is a virgin fiber folding boxboard  with a coating on the front and a cream back. This grade is characterised by its high thickness-stiffness ratio and excellent folding properties that make it suitable for a wide range of packaging. Our GC2 grades have a coated front side with a high degree of whiteness, allowing you to achieve high-quality printing results. GC2 board is suitable for packaging that must have a premium appearance, especially on the outside. The coating ensures a good printing result in both conventional and digital printing techniques.
  • FOLBB GC2 Barrier board
    Our GC2 barrier board is a high-quality alternative to using plastic packaging. Our GC2 Freeze Grease III board grades are dispersion coated cartonboards, containing no fluorine and no PFAS is used during production at our plants.  Our Freeze Grease III grades hold back grease and moisture for a certain time and is tested according to the DIN 53116 standard. This allows, for example, snack trays to be made from our folding boxboard.


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