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The mission of FOLBB is FOLBB develops and produces virgin fiber cartonboard at the most sustainable and efficient way possible, minimizing our impact on our immediate environment, our virgin fiber cartonboard makes a substantial contribution to the reduction of plastics used for consumer packaging

Sustainably managed forests

Virgin fiber folding carton is made using only virgin fibers, based on a pure mixture of wood pulp, cellulose and water. The natural basis of our product is wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests in our own European region. In Eerbeek it is delivered in the form of wood chips. In Baiersbronn they make these wood chips themselves, from wood supplied directly.

Reusable and recyclable

Wood is beautiful, strong, environmentally friendly, CO2 neutral, recyclable and also renewable, as long as it comes from sustainably managed forests. In the forests where our wood comes from, every harvested tree is replaced by a new tree.

In this way, we maintain our forests for plants, animals and people, and the forest remains an inexhaustible source of wood. Also for our children and grandchildren; the future generations, that is important to us at FOLBB. The virgin fiber folding boxboard we produce from this wood is also reusable and subsequently recyclable. This creates a virtually closed material cycle.

The replacement material in plastic substitution

The demand for alternatives to plastic packaging material is growing rapidly. Because companies and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a sustainable world and a healthy climate. Governments are also pushing for far-reaching plastic substitution with increasingly stringent regulations. Because of its sustainable properties and the many possibilities for reuse and recycling, cardboard is the ideal replacement material. This is why more and more products that were previously (partly) packaged in plastic are being provided with complete cardboard packaging.