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Cosmetics & Personal Care

For premium brands in the cosmetics and personal care segment elaborately designed packages communicating the quality of the packaged product by individual appearance and haptic are essential in order to call attention to the products on the shelf. At the same time, for luxury products sustainability is of increasing importance. Thus, the consumer expects that the packaging for cosmetics and personal care is not only attractive, but also fulfils ecological principles.

Cartonboard solutions in the cosmetics and personal care segment must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Outstanding surface properties for first-class results with printing and finishing (UV colours and coatings, effect and spot finishing, blind and hot foil embossing, window films, etc.)
  • Good performance with converting and packaging facilities for efficient production
  • Optimal codability (inkjet and laser) for protection against counterfeiting
  • Protection of the package contents (soaps) against extreme humidity and high temperatures (fungicide treatment)

Our products

Cosmetics & personal care include:

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