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Dry food

Cartonboard packaging for dry food is as different as its contents. The best choice of packaging material depends upon a number of factors: the state of the respective food (dry, moist, greasy), the required barrier properties, and whether there is direct or indirect contact between the food and the cartonboard. FOLBB’s well-founded know-how in all aspects of primary and secondary packaging ensures compliance with all product-specific requirements.

Cartonboard solutions for dry food must fulfil a number of requirements:

  • Guaranteed product safety e.g. by a functional barrier against mineral oils
  • Protection against breakage, spillage and influences on taste and odour
  • Good performance with converting and packaging facilities for efficient production
  • Grease barrier for protection against annoying grease spots and discolourations
  • Freeze barrier for maintaining packaging stability

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Dry Food include:

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