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Accurate™ Top Strong packs tomatoes in a safe, stable and sustainable way

21 January 2023

The French wholesaler Kultive now relies on Accurate™ Top Strong for packaging tomatoes, thus saving over 50 tonnes of plastic per year.

Sustainably cultivated, sustainably packaged 

Environmental awareness and the trend towards sustainability among consumers are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the fruit and vegetable packaging segment. The same is also true for choosing the right packaging solution. The packaging must deliver what the contents promise. For fruits and vegetables, this refers to freshness, origin and naturalness. Sustainability and the regional cultivation of products have always been a “lived” reality at Kultive. Reason enough to opt for Our carton quality when selecting the ideal packaging material. This innovative tomato packaging, made of Accurate™ Top Strong, highlights all these values to a special degree: the new, visually appealing and cleverly designed solution replaces the former thermoformed tray made of plastic (PET) by 100%. This represents a reduction of over 50 tonnes (!) of plastic per year. The promise of sustainability that Kultive makes, is thus consistent with the choice of cartonboard packaging.

Powerful performance, perfect protection

The cartonboard packaging for cherry tomatoes ensures a strong brand appearance, outstanding product protection and is also a real eye-catcher in the fruit and vegetable department. Thanks to the perfect, smooth, print surface of Accurate™ Top Strong, the modern packaging design conveys the freshness and character of the cherry tomatoes and packs them stably and safely. In addition, the fresh, nifty design of cut-out areas promotes the visibility of the tomatoes at the POS (Point of Sale). The combination of modern design, practicality and the highest degree of innovation make this packaging by FOLBB stand out, contributing greatly to the brand-owner Kultive’s success.

Kultive was founded in 1985 as a trade and distribution network for the production, packaging and marketing of regional vegetables. Producers pass on their vegetables to Kultive for sale, enabling the company to source over 70,000 tonnes of vegetables from five French regions each year. With 15 permanent employees, this commercial structure creates more than 800 jobs and cooperates with over 50 French vegetable producers.

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