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Frozen Food

The demand for frozen food is increasing, while the sustained convenience trend also contributes to this. Deep-frozen foods require packaging which reliably protects the contents against moisture and the influence of temperature fluctuations along the entire supply chain. The objectives are to optimally support the cooling chain and keep the contents fresh. Here, the barrier solutions are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic coatings (PE, PP).

Cartonboard solutions for frozen food must fulfil the following requirements

  • Freeze barrier for maintaining packaging stability, even for low temperatures and temperature fluctuations
  • Grease barrier for protection against annoying grease spots and discolourations
  • Combination of freeze barrier and grease barrier (freeze-grease barrier) for protection against moisture and annoying grease spots, above all with fish fingers and oven-ready meals
  • Good print-ability for ideal appearance in the freezing compartment
  • Good performance with converting and packaging facilities for efficient production

Our products

Frozen Food include:

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